Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

With Remote Deposit Capture, depositing checks is as simple as scanning from your office. Rather than tying up staff for every consumer check, commercial check, cashier's check, or money order deposited, remote deposit saves you valuable time and resources.

Plus, the ability to make anytime deposits also helps you receive funds faster. Handle a number of business needs remotely. No middleman necessary.

  • Scan checks from your business location
  • Make bank deposits electronically
  • Review images of captured items and generate reports
  • Build multiple users and maintain access options
  • Faster availability of funds
  • No need to fill out deposit slips
  • Fewer errors in accounting by reducing human error
  • Enhanced security and fraud protection
  • Enjoy a later daily processing deadline
  • Increase employee productivity; reduce bank trips and time away from the office
  • Associated fees:*
  • Setup - $500.00
  • Purchase scanner(s) – prices vary
  • Scanner Monthly Maintenance - $60.00 (minimum/per scanner)
  • Per Item Fee - $0.05

* Bundle all of the services listed above for a $700.00 setup fee and $90.00 monthly fee plus $.05 per item fee on Remote Deposit Capture items. Fees listed above are based on 15 items or less through bill pay and do not include the price of a scanner. Additional costs will be added for more than one scanner through Remote Deposit Capture.

Please contact a Pioneer Bank location for additional information and necessary agreements.